Numar special al revistei Perspectives on Science co-editat de Dana Jalobeanu

Francis Bacon and the Medicine of the Mind: Late Renaissance Contexts,
Edited by Sorana Corneanu, Guido Giglioni, and Dana Jalobeanu
Special issue on
Perspectives on Science 20 no 2/2012

The articles published in this volume intend to bring to the attention of scholarly community new, challenging and contextual perspectives bearing on the well known Baconian theory of the idols of the mind. They address some of the questions and problems raised by Francis Bacon’s theory in the wider context of the sixteenth and seventeenth-century attempts to educate, cultivate and ‘medicine’ the mind. and The 7 articles are written by Peter Harrison (University of Queensland), Guido Giglioni (Warburg Institute), Koen Vermeir (CNRS, Paris), Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest), Raphaele Garrod (University of Cambridge), James Lancaster (Warburg Institute) and Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest).

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