Banat Regional MUN Conference 2012


Tic- Tac on the clock! It’s time to get connnected to the full MUN experience! 

The clock strikes THREE: Set your mind free

BISMUN Banat Regional Office is proud to present the second edition of Banat Regional MUN Conference. A MUN is an academic simulation of United Nations commitees and implies an active participation in the UN decisional process.

The clock strikes TWO: Improve your thinking

This year’s conference aims to involve you in the decision making process of:
The United Nations Security Council
The United Nations Human Rights Council
The First Committee of the General Assembly: DISEC ( Disarmament and International Security)

You can debate upon a few topics, as it follows:

Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament: The Case of North Korea – Security Council
Abolition of the Death Penalty – Human Rights Council
Combating illicit arms trade in Africa – DISEC Committee

The clock strikes ONE: Open new perspectives

The event will take place between 18th and 20th of May , at West University Timisoara. The registration is open between April, 18th and May, 4th.

The clock strikes MUN! 

The additional information required to successfully apply for the Conference can be found at:

Good luck and May the odds be always in your favor!



BISMUN Banat Regional Office 



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