CfA: Peace Bag-Mainstreaming Peace Education in the EuroMed – Training of Multipliers

PATRIR in colaborare cu alti 11 parteneri din regiune EuroMed te invita sa aplici pentru a participa la un training care are ca scop dezvoltarea capacitatii tinerilor de implementa proiecte de educatie pentru pace si dialog intercultural, prin intermediul metodelor non-formale. 

Mai multe informatii, precum si formularul de aplicatie, gasiti pe
PEACE BAG TOM 2012 is a training course that aims to build the training capacities and skills of young educators, trainers and multipliers on mainstreaming peace education and intercultural dialogue through non-formal learning methodologies.
The training will bring together 24 young educators, trainers and multipliers in a 3 phase project:
• Phase I (May 10-June 10, 2012)
ONLINE pre-training review of training tools and self-assessment of key competences with course participants
• Phase 2 (June 10-17, 2012)
8-days residential training course for multipliers and planning of Phase 3 in Barcelona, Spain
• Phase 3 (June 17-September 1, 2012)
local implementation of the Peace Bag in the different countries, organised by the multipliers themselves
• *July 30, 2012 – Submission of adapted training materials online by course participants
This training is open to youth educators/ trainers/multipliers from the following countries:
Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Tunisia
We are looking for participants with the following profile:
• Proficient understanding of peace education and intercultural dialogue
• Interest in the EuroMed region, especially in youth related initiatives
• With previous experience /background in training in youth work (training courses, etc) A short background will be asked from the applicants
• Interest in collaborating with a growing network of youth organisations in the field of peace education and intercultural dialogue
• Proficiency in English (TC will be in English)
• Organisational affiliation is a plus. In particular, we encourage applications by candidates who are associated with youth organisations
Responsibilities of Participants
Participants are expected to:
• participate fully and actively during the 3 phases of the project:
o Phase 1 – Pre-training activities: (May 10 –June 10, 2012)
• Self-assessment of skills and competences
• Online discussions with other participants re the Peace Bag
• Use the online platform for communication (
o Phase 2 – Face to Face training (June 10-17, 2012)
o Phase 3 – Local adaptation of the Peace Bag (July-September 2012)
• Local adaptation activities in the home country
• Evaluate adapted activities/modules
• Post evaluation of locally adapted modules in the Peace Bag website
• organise at least two (2) activities/workshops/training using the Peace Bag toolkit in their country after the training course (between July-September 2012)
• Integrate the course and toolkit “Peace Bag” into their organisation´s training portfolio
• Assist in the localization/enhancement of training materials, by updating those materials and adapting them to specific local conditions and requirements
The practical manual “Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth,” created by 18 youth organisations, will be the main resource material of the training.

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