Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, University of Liverpool

10TH – 11TH MARCH 2012

Keynote Speakers

Richard Gaskin (University of Liverpool), _Philosophy and Pain_

Stella Sandford (Kingston University), _John Locke – Continental

Call for Papers

To all philosophers! We are pleased to announce that the University of
Liverpool Philosophy Society will be holding its first Undergraduate
Philosophy Conference next March. Submissions are welcome from anyone
with current undergraduate status or equivalent.

Your papers can be on any topic you wish, from analytic discussion to
continental enquiry, and any branch of philosophy. This is an
opportunity to pursue your own interests in philosophy and we are hoping
for a wide variety of topics. Please note that the papers should be
clearly written, argumentative and demonstrate some original thinking,
not merely descriptive or a simple regurgitation of a particular
philosopher’s work. The required length is 3000-5000 words to ensure at
least 20-30 mins presenting time.

If your paper is accepted, all expenses except travel will be covered by
the conference.

Please submit your papers to H.E.Lewendon-Evans@student.liverpool.ac.uk
[1]. For each paper, please attach a cover letter that includes an
abstract of the paper, your name, institution and email address. The
submission deadline is midnight of FRIDAY 27TH JANUARY 2012.

For any further enquiries, please contact the above email address.
Messages to the list are archived at
http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/philos-l.html. Discussions should be
moved to chora: enrol via http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/chora.html.
Other philosophical resources on the Web can be found at

[1] mailto:H.E.Lewendon-Evans@student.liverpool.ac.uk

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