CfE: International Conference SIEO 2012, Romania [DL:15.01]

The Social Work Department of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology within the West University of Timisoara is pleased to invite you to attend
The First Edition of the

International Conference on Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities – SIEO 2012

Which will take place in Timisoara, Romania, from May 24th to May 27th 2012.
The current edition of the Conference is titled

Employment for Young People: Challenges and Opportunities

and aims at providing an international forum for researchers, academics and practitioners from various countries and regions to share and disseminate their knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of enhancing employment opportunities for young people.
Emphasis will be placed on identifying and promoting at an international level functional methodologies and efficient solutions that can be adapted to different cultural contexts and applied to a variety of situations.
The main sections of the conference are:
·         Youth employment at a worldwide level: current situation and future perspectives
·         The fundamental role of education in increasing employment opportunities for youth
·         Vulnerable youth and the various challenges in their professional insertion
The topics of the Conference and further details regarding the registration procedure can be found on the official website of the event (
The official language of the Conference is English.
The attendance at the Conference is free of charge. All papers presented within the Conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.
The deadline for abstract submission is January 15th 2012.
For more details please visit the conference web-site,, or contact us by e-mail to


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