INTERNSHIP: Communications intern at Groupe de Bruges

Groupe de Bruges is now seeking an intern for a six months period from October 2011– February 2012. The internship is designed for an undergraduate or graduate student with a keen interest in specific areas of GdB`s current work.

Periods and deadlines
The internship is scheduled to start on October 01st 2011 with an ending date on February 29th 2012.
One vacancy is currently available.
The deadline for applications is September 25th 2011.

Main responsibility
Groupe de Bruges is searching for an intern to assist the organization in constructing and implementing media campaign relating to the GdB projects and activities.

Purpose of the internship
The purposes of the internship are:
Provide the intern with experience in current agriculture and rural policy issues at European level and an insight into the work of Groupe de Bruges;
Permit Groupe de Bruges to benefit from the assistance and positive contribution of the selected intern.
The intern will be involved directly in implementing a media campaign to reach and involve potential participants in an e-learning course on the Common Agricultural Policy (track and trace all information sent to organizations and media contacted for the course, reactions of promotion partners, media feedback, audience for online/offline promotion, subscriber rates for the course etc.). The course is currently being developed with financial support of the European Commission (Grant Agreement number 2011-0098). The media campaign will entail establish and maintain contacts with relevant press, academic institutions and NGO’s as well as the use of social media

Qualifications and experience
Degree level qualification (or equivalent experience) in communication or related subject;
Experience with media management;
Some experience with public relations, communications and/or journalism;
Possess knowledge of website content management systems and social media.
Basic knowledge of policy issues related to agriculture, rural development, food systems, agricultural systems or related subject;
Excellent command of English (preferably mother tongue). Additional languages an asset (French/Italian preferred);
Ability to work independently and good time management skills;

Please disseminate this amongst those you believe might fit the profile and might be an interesting addition to Groupe de Bruges.

This is a 6-months unpaid intern position. The successful applicant will receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the internship based on his/her performance.

The starting date is as soon as possible, preferably not later than early October 2011.

To apply, the candidates should send a cover letter and CV in English to Codrin Paveliuc-Olariu by September 25th 2011 ( You are asked to indicate the position you are applying for in the subject of your email.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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