Call for Internship Applications at ARCA – The Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants

ARCA – The Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants is searching for a highly motivated individual who is eager to take an active role in supporting the work of the organization. The position is unpaid and open for starting in September 2011.
Established in June 1998 ARCA is a Romanian non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to defend and promote universal human rights, especially the rights of refugees, repatriates and other migrants in Romania. ARCA works to support the social, professional, and spiritual fulfillment of those forced to live far from their home country and facilitate their (re)integration into the Romanian society.
Tasks The intern will be assigned to the following activities:
  •  Provide administrative assistance in the office: logistics, organizing the database, maintaining the files;
  •  Assist staff with fundraising, including development of grant proposals;
  •  Carry out research tasks under the supervision of the staff.
Benefits for the intern: The intern will have the opportunity to:
  • Gain knowledge about the realities and issues related to the refugees and migrants living in Romania;
  • Get involved in various aspects of ARCA’s activities and gain practical work experience in an NGO setting;
  • Deepen knowledge about grant/ proposal writing as well as the opportunity to develop his/her ideas or initiatives.
Criteria The main recruitment criteria for the intern position are the following:
  •  General interest in refugee and human rights issues;
  •  Previous experience in human rights advocacy and fundraising is desirable but not required;
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently; willing to take initiative;
  • Sociable, patient, enthusiastic and flexible attitude;
  • Good knowledge of English and working on PC.
Procedure In order to apply for the intern position you need to submit a CV and motivation letter in English or Romanian to ARCA by email at:  In the cover letter, please state your motivation for applying, commitment, and relevant skills. Based on their motivation, selected candidates will be invited to an interview to ensure that the expectations suit both parts.

Ioana Pal
Integration Assistant

ARCA – Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants
Str. Austrului nr . 23 Sector 2 Bucuresti
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