Internship opportunity at A.T.Kearney

Gasiti mai jos o oferta pentru pozitia de intern in cadrul companiei de consultanta A.T.Kearney adresata in special studentilor. Pentru detalii cu privire la activitatea desfasurata in Romania, accesati
Job Description – Interns for Business Analyst position
A wide range of business challenges — present and future — is driving companies to develop new models and new tools to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. More and more, companies are turning to A.T. Kearney for new insights and support to address these challenges.
A.T. Kearney is seeking people with the skills, drive and vision to fulfill the promise of management consulting — and fulfill their own potential — in this new era. We are looking for highly qualified individuals with a proven record of academic excellence combined with significant and sound work experience as well as
·         University educated (any field, economics not necessary, technical is a plus),
·         Excellent knowledge of English in addition to local language
·         International experience (work or study)
·         Excellent analytical skills, logical and structured thinking, creative in problem solving
·         Superior personal and interpersonal attributes (e.g. communication and soft skills, ability to work in a team, results-oriented and a performance-oriented work style, creativity, entrepreneurial qualities, personal maturity)
·         Ambitious, motivated, high energy personality, with leadership skills but collaborative personality
·         Excellent communication skills both oral and written, capable of interaction at all levels in a company
·         High integrity and reliability
 Business Analysts are members of the team who work on our client engagements from day one and have direct interaction with client employees. Generally, expectations of a Business Analyst position are listed as follows:
·         Develop consulting skills and business background
·         Conduct analysis of large sets of data with limited guidance
·         Identify issues, structure and conduct necessary analysis and draw conclusions and finding with limited guidance
·         Prepare and structure documents with minor guidance
·         Learn the consulting profession and be a good team player
·         Learn the philosophies and practices of our firm
·         Show self-initiative in performing research and obtaining needed data
·         Be sensitive to business opportunities
We are looking forward to your e-mail application at


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